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LThp  Apr 23, 2018   
KTeE  Apr 22, 2018   
Randy Perry  Jun 07, 2016   
AVERY TED "BUCK" CASHION, RETIRED ARMY FINANCE OFFICER, NOW IN FEDERAL PRISON. This man did me wrong years ago but this is a far better story which I want to share right now. Avery Ted "Buck" Cashion is a retired US Army finance officer now sitting in McCreary Federal Penitentiary (Prisoner #27373-058) in Kentucky. He also has a $14(+) million judgment against him from a North Carolina federal court for running a scam as a property developer. Buck, you should have gone to jail on active duty.
Jeffrey Ziegler  Feb 07, 2016   
I personally lost over $40,000 when CPT Matthew Fitzgerald threatened me to do something totally against Army regulations which he was aware. This was solely for his own self-serving and career enhancing reasons as boasted on his annual evaluation. First I reported this to his Army lawyer superiors. A friend of his did the “investigation.” Then I reported him to his licensing state bar and he lied about what happened. The state bar said he should be disbarred. The JAB Corp protected him.
Kurt Ewing  Apr 24, 2013   
Marion Browning-Baker is NOW DISBARRED as a lawyer. As a result of her formal disbarment, we now have solicited a lawyer to begin a class action suit against her since we now have over 65 confirmed ex-clients willing to testify. Therefore if you used ever used Marion Browning-Baker in any capacity and desire to be a part of the settlement process, contact our hired attorney at and we will send you a data sheet to formally register as a claimant.


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