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CASH GIFTS for Military Personnel and Families!   Business Opportunity/All
Believe it! There are hundreds of people who want to send you a CASH GIFT! Get in line. See if you can qualify.
Free Business Opportunity   Business Opportunity/All
GBG is a fast-growing company!Their lead product is the exclusive GBG 10-in-One Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Super Formula.Join a Billion business industry.
This Will Not Last!   Business Opportunity/All
Oh wait, YES IT WILL. We work part time and earn a great income from home. We offer a professional corporate-like home based business opportunity that does not involve selling or lugging inventory.
100% genuine part time/ full time onlie work   Business Opportunity/All
Online Data Entry or SMS marketing job Workers Need Earn UPTO RS.12000/month, WORK 2-3 HOURS DAILY! mail us at Posted ID: ultra.ru008
ultra group
Do You Desire Financial Security?   Business Opportunity/All
Have you thought about a home based business? There are amazing tax advantages, financial freedom, and mobility.
Are You a Drop in the Ocean?   Business Opportunity/All
Are you tired of not being recognized? Are you looking for a change? Do you want to supplement or replace your current income? If so, then we are for you.
Moms Helping Moms Achieve Their Goals!   Business Opportunity/All
A TEAM you can succeed with in earning part time or full time income right from home with your family. NO Selling, NO Deliveries, NO Paperwork!
Change Your Stars To
Is Stocking Up on School Supplies Breaking the Bank?   Business Opportunity/All
Have you noticed the rising cost of school supplies? Would a few extra dollars a month help relieve the costs of putting kids in school?
Change Your Stars To
A Dream Business At Home   Business Opportunity/All
Join a team you can succeed with in earning income from home! Take a closer look at Women’s Dream Team! click on “Hitch your Wagon to That Star”.
Consumer Direct Marketing Educator   Business Opportunity/All
Decide what you make and tap into the world of Internet Marketing and unlimited income potential. Please visit our website.
June Wilkerson
Budget Cuts-Recession-Market Adjustments. Not a Problem!   Business Opportunity/All
Get financially set by having a supplemental income home based business that you can rely upon. 100% virtual office; 100% completely online. Visit our website.
June Wilkerson
Leaders Needed!   Business Opportunity/All
The Best Woman for the Job is Needed We are doing a nationwide search for women who are tired of glass ceilings and want to rise to the top. Women who are driven to succeed based on their hard work. There is no selling, we practice consumer direct marketing and it is done on line, around your schedule. The sky is the limit, visit us today at:
Isabel Butler
This is the Time to Capture Your Dreams!   Business Opportunity/All
Do you dream of an income where you can no have to listen to a horrible boss? You can be your own boss and take control of your dreams! Don’t Delay Visit us today at:
isabel Butler
Do You Want to Raise Your Children, Instead of Dropping Them at Daycar   Business Opportunity/All
You can work right at home while you raise your children! You can fulfill your dreams of being a stay at home mom! You can be your own boss and take control of your dreams! Don’t Delay Visit us today at:
Isabel Butler
Are You Expecting?   Business Opportunity/All
Don’t worry about how you are going to pay for daycare when you go back to work. Set yourself up before the baby comes so you can work from home, right on line. You can earn significant residual income right along side raising your baby! Visit us today
Isabel Butler
Do You Love Quiet Mornings?   Business Opportunity/All
Work without the hussle of the morning commute and office politics. Work right at home. We need women who are independent and driven to succeed. Are you this woman? If you believe you are then please visit today:
Isabel Butler
Credit Card Debt Eating Your Lunch?   Business Opportunity/All
Struggling to get ahead on those credit card bills? There IS a better way, WE HAVE IT! We can show you how to earn supplemental income. Our proven turn-key system gives everything to succeed.
Shelly Faulkner
SHILPA-ONLINE TRADING   Business Opportunity/All
Shilpa Stock Broker Pvt. Ltd. (SSBPL) has launched and established an online trading service on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the \"Service\"). SSBPL has exclusive and sole discretion to select the Customers who would be entitled to use access and benefit out of the Service. SSBPL also reserves the absolute right and discretion to decide on the criteria for selecting the Customers to participate in the Service offered hereunder. Vinoth kumar Ph: 9894109966
Vinoth Kumar
Love kush Car Baazar \"A Unique place to Buy Used C   Business Opportunity/All
Love Kush Car baazar is a unique place to buy a used car.Il.comMaruti,Suzuki,Hyundai,Chevrolet,Mahindra,volkswagen,BMW,Mercedes,Tata,etc.july07j2013id766,,9414166827
Gajendra Soni
Imagine a Life without Financial Worries!   Business Opportunity/All
We can help you increase your income with flexible on line hours and amazing team support. Visit us today.
When was the Last Time You Ever Got A Bonus Check?   Business Opportunity/All
We receive bonuses for our hard work each and every month. This could be you! Are you a Self-starter? Do you want to be paid what you are worth? If so, please visit: and Request Information from there by clicking on “Hitch your Wagon to a Star”.
Vinayak Brokers \" Commodity & Equity trading at lowest Brokerage\"   Business Opportunity/All
We are a leading broker in commodities & Equities, providing online trading account with lowest brokerage and trading tips,for any queries just put a mail at or call 08955131164 MCX,NCDEX,EQUITY ETC. info10abaad5077
Do You Ever Wonder What Effort Will Give You?   Business Opportunity/All
Well, effort gets you a lot with your own home based business! You provide • Enthusiasm • Effort • 10-15 hours a week • Computer with internet access • Phone Women’s Dream Team provides • Free training • Free website • Free mentoring Together = successful Home Based Business Check us out at:
Jessica Washington
This is the Time to Capture Your Dreams!   Business Opportunity/
Do you dream of an income where you can no have to listen to a horrible boss? You can be your own boss and take control of your dreams! Don’t Delay Visit us today at:
Stressed about Finances?   Business Opportunity/All
We can help you build a second income with just a few hours a week right at home. Visit us today
Are You Watching Your Budget Tightly?   Business Opportunity/All
Would you like a residual, supplemental income? You could never have to live on a tight budget again! Visit us today at:


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