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Military Boat Pennants.Com   Military Items/Collectables
Military Boat Pennants for the bow of your boat. Each Military Boat Pennant is 12 in. X 18 in. and Screen Printed in Color. Provided by Vets & made in the USA.
Ray Pastrick
Thai silk military ribbons   Military Items/Collectables

U.S. Army Poster   Military Items/Memorabilia
This poster was designed and photographed by a U.S. Army Veteran. It is 11x14 printed on heavy, fade resistant photographic paper. The price is $14.00 including shipping to East USA. You can see it at
George Robinson
Original Waffen SS \"Totenkopf\" Ring (1937)   Military Items/Collectables
Original Waffen SS \"Totenkopf\" Ring. This is a stunning example of a 1937s style ring. Date inside the ring is 26.11.37. A 1937 dated ring named to Hans Heck. Contact:
Powerful traditional healer,Powerful sangoma spells caster Call +2771   Military Items/Memorabilia
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Professor Nabbai


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