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Kick Start Your Savings   Business Opportunity/All
Do you need to come up with a little more each month to save for a big ticket item? We work right at home over the internet and earn an amazing residual income!
Empowering Women Fro
Imagine a Life without Financial Worries!   Business Opportunity/All
We can help you increase your income with flexible on line hours and amazing team support. Visit us today.
Empowering Women Fro
Military Wives Needed   Business Opportunity/All
Looking for something to do while your spouse is active duty? Why not start your very own home based business?
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Do you need to pay off your car loan soon?   Business Opportunity/All
Add supplemental income into your checking account to cover that payment and more. If you have just 10 hours a week to work, we have the income for you.
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Are You Looking for the Career of a Lifetime?   Business Opportunity/All
Don’t rely on traditional business. Come work with a company that has been growing by leaps and bounds for 25 years...especially through this recession!
Change Your Stars To
Are You a Military Wife?   Business Opportunity/All
Looking for something to do while your spouse is active duty? Visit our website at for more information.
Only the Self-Starter Needs to Inquire   Business Opportunity/All
Manage your own on-line marketing business. We work for a health and wellness company that will pay you well to market for them. If you are interested in having your efforts determine your future...
Change Your Stars To
Natural Born Trainers   Business Opportunity/All
As Women, we are born to nurture and train. Use those qualities to make money from home. Visit us to find out more about this exceptional opportunity.
Are you tired of trying to stretch that budget?   Business Opportunity/All
We can show you how to put budge in your budget! You can work with us part time for just a few hours a week. You can make an excellent income to supplement your household income!
Change Your Stars To
Join Our Virtual Community of Women   Business Opportunity/All
You need a home based business to supplement your household income. Women’s Dream Team is a professional group of women with a time proven successful program. Come learn more about us...
The Perfect Military Wife Career   Business Opportunity/All
Need a career that would allow you to work from home and still be there for your family and friends? This online business gives unparalleled income potential to be all you can be too.
Unique Business Approach   Business Opportunity/All
Part time and full time schedules are available as you telecommute using your own computer. There are opportunities for advancement, commissions, bonuses and incentives.
Residual Income – Heard Of It?   Business Opportunity/All
Have you ever dreamed of doing something once and getting paid for it over and over again? Visit us today at
Flexibility Is The Key To Your Success!   Business Opportunity/All
Do you need to be able to work, but raise your children at the same time? We can help you achieve your goals. Come check us out! Visit us today.
Looking For Something Different?   Business Opportunity/All
Take a look at and take control of your life.
Seeking Highly Motivated and Talented Women   Business Opportunity/All
We seek you to join our team of work from home moms. Visit us at for more information.
A Legitimate Business For You   Business Opportunity/All
A flexible business from home that works between your family’s needs. Visit: and request information by clicking on “Hitch your Wagon to That Star”.
Are Your Boss’s Priorities Just Not in Line with Yours?   Business Opportunity/All
Are you being told by your boss that you must put work above your families’ needs? Be able to walk away from that stressful job where you are not valued.
Empowering Women Fro
\"Stream Satellite TV Software \"   Business Opportunity/All
zakir khan
No Office Or Daycare Provider Needed   Business Opportunity/All
Are You Expecting? Set yourself up before the baby comes so you can work from home, right on line. Visit today:
Income For A Better
A Legitimate Business For You   Business Opportunity/All
Work without the hustle of the morning commute and office politics right at home. Visit today:
Income For A Better
A Dream Business At Home   Business Opportunity/All
Peace of Mind With Your Career is Priceless You can have your income tied to your effort and be in control of your income:
Income For A Better
Stop Living For Your Mortgage!   Business Opportunity/All
We are a team of women that have said “NO” to the recession. We have taken control of our lives. We sleep at night, not worrying about how we will pay our bills/mortgage.
Lynn Larson
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Bhanu Singh
Helping Families Work From Home   Business Opportunity/All
No Selling | No Parties | No Inventory - Helping families work from home since 2000! Get the details today!
Stretch that Income with Residual On Line Work   Business Opportunity/All
We can help you build financial wealth while you work at home on your computer. Visit us today to find out more.
Change Starts Here   Business Opportunity/All
Make a positive change in your life and empower yourself with an internet home business. We give you free websites, superior free training and amazing residual income. Think of the possibilities! Begin to focus on things that are within your control, what you can do, what’s possible and what’s great. Note the abundance and opportunity all around you, no matter the national economic report; write your own business report. Live your life, your way and on your terms. We have only been given one life to live, how do you want to spend it? Be your own boss and build your own dreams! Visit us today: and Request Information by Clicking on “Hitch your Wagon to a Star”
Patty S
Seeking Generation Y Workers   Business Opportunity/All
We are seeking generation Y workers to complete our team of women that work on line from the comforts of our home. We offer professional training and your own personal mentor
Empowering Women
When was the Last Time You Ever Got a Bonus Check?   Business Opportunity/All
We receive bonuses for our hard work each and every month. This could be you! Are you a self-starter? Do you want to be paid what you are worth?
Empowering Women
Home based job @ Manav Revolution Infotech   Business Opportunity/All
There is Genuine Data Entry Job. Job is only through Internet. Work from home part time jobs. You can earn 14000 per month working 1-2 hours/day, no matter where you live. . Posted Id : ADELKO9008 Call: 0120-4164578, 0522-4012122
Devendra Shukla
Supplement Your Income   Business Opportunity/All
We have a supplemental way that you can earn reliable residual income with just a few hours a week of your time.
Do You have the Freedom of Choice?   Business Opportunity/All
Do you have the choice to choose your own income? We can help you today. Visit us today at:


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